Nutrition | Create Meals and Recipes

Get creative and inspire your members with your own club meals and recipes through the help of Virtuagym's Nutrition module!


Follow these steps to create meals or recipes for your club:

  • Login (via web) to your club portal 
  • Switch to your personal profile using the dropdown under your name (top right corner)


  • Go to the Nutrition module in the left sidebar menu 


  • Click on the Nutrition Diary tab
    If you do not have your own Nutrition plan yet, you will need to create one first
  • Add all the ingredients of your meal by clicking on the plus button in the Diary planner and searching by name or product barcode


  • Select the checkboxes of all applicable ingredients, or click the checkbox next to the meal title
  • Click the button “Save as Meal’


  • A new page will open where you can enter all the meal details such as name and description (you may like to add the cooking instructions etc)
  • Make sure you tick the checkbox at the bottom for ‘Visible for members and staff from my club.’
  • Click the Save Product button 



  • Click the Club List tab, you will now see your new meal listed and visible for all members and staff of your club



Tip: It is possible to add a barcode to your new club meal. Members can easily scan the barcode and see the product or meal straight away in their app. 

For example, on your community page you can upload pictures of your meals and add a barcode next to it for easy scanning with the help of the built-in Food App barcode scanner. 



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