Digital Contracts & E-signing

  • What is included in this new feature?

This feature allows you to create contracts for each membership with customizable terms & conditions, allowing clients to sign this contract in person or from home.

These contracts are legally valid in Europe & the Americas.

  • How do you set it up?

Start setting up your contracts by going to the System Settings > Business Info and scroll to the button. You can find your terms and conditions there, which are added by default as they are also used for the webshop. Below, you can add as many extra fields as you like. We suggest adding direct debit mandates, privacy statements and any other legal statements your clients should be aware of.


  • How is it used?

This feature does not need to be enabled, it is now part of the flow to assign a membership (contract) to a client.

Right after assigning the contract to your client, you’ll be directed to a contract overview page, which allows the following three options:

1. Sign the contract

If this button is clicked, a window opens that allows the client to sign with a mouse or with their finger on touch screen devices.

2. Sign the contract offline

If this option is chosen, a PDF version of the contract will open in order to be printed. The contract will be marked as signed in the system and the date of printing will be noted. It is up to the staff to get the client’s signature and store the contract.

3. Send an email request to sign the contract

If this option is chosen, an email will be sent to the client’s email address with a request to sign the contract online. The client can now sign the contract online, even if they have not activated their account.


  • FAQ

How can a staff member access the contract?
If the club allows clients to view their contracts the member will be able to access a PDFvia club Account Info.
For staff members, the contract will be accessible through the Clients & Staff > select a client > Products Tab > Memberships.

What if I change contract data on an already signed contract?
At the moment, the only change that will impact the legality of the contract is a change in the end date. This action will result in re-opening the contract for the client to re-sign. The previously signed version will be saved in the revision history of the membership.

How can I check if I have clients with unsigned contracts?
There are two options in the system that help ensure the proper signing of all contracts.

First, there is a filter in the Clients & Staff module, “active, with unsigned contract“ which will show all clients who have a contract that still needs to be signed.

The other option is available for clubs using the Visitor Registration module. Similar to outstanding invoices or inactive contracts, it will now be possible to give a warning and/or deny entrance to clients with unsigned contracts.

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