Workouts | Mass-Assign Workouts

When you go to your workout plans or workout editor, you'll see the Mass Assign icon, when you click on that icon, the Mass Assign screen appears

You can assign a workout that you just created, or already created workouts, to multiple clients.

If you choose a tag or a goal, it means that the workout will be assigned to all clients that have that tag, or goal assigned.

Clients goals and tags can be combined as well when you want to assign a workout. If a client has the same tag and goal, the workout will only be assigned 1 time.

It's a coach only feature, so only if you are a coach you are able to use the feature, and you can only assign a workout to clients that you coach.

Assign a workout by client name: 


Assign a workout by client goal: 

Or a combination: 

Once the mass assignment is finished, you will receive an email notification when the workout plans are actually assigned to the selected clients.



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