Custom Home Screen: Layers

Understanding the ‘Layers’ 

The home screen is built by layering each of the items listed below, starting with the bottom layer first.

  1. Background
  2. Header, Tiles, and Banners
  3. App Logo




1) Background

The background is the first layer.  It is fixed in place and fills the entire screen of the app.

You can set the background to be a custom image or a solid color.

If you set the background to be a custom image, you can set a color overlay and transparency for this color.  This will give the background image the effect of a watermark. 

2) Header, Tiles, and Banners

The header, tiles, and banners layer on top of the background. You have 3 options for your ‘header’:

  • set the header to an image
  • use a solid color
  • leave it out by selecting ‘none’ (if selected, the app logo will show directly on top of the background instead of an image or color).

Tiles are the main part of your home screen. These tiles will move on the same layer as the header and can also be fully customized. You can select the shape of the tiles to be square or rectangular. You can also customize (or completely hide) the line color in between tiles and add or remove text shadow within the tiles.  Learn more about tile-specific settings below.

Finally, you can set up banners which will show on the bottom of the home screen. You can create and edit banners in Business Settings > Marketing. To learn more about banners, click here.


3) App logo

The app logo is the top layer, on the same level as the header. It will stick to the very center of your header and scroll down as you navigate the home screen. We recommend uploading a transparent logo in .PNG format.


Important to Note:

Don’t forget to save every time you make changes to the page!  

To immediately see the changes you will need to synchronize your updates with the app.  You can do so by closing and re-opening the app or by navigating to “Me” > “Settings” (gear icon in the app) > “Sync”

At times, with older phone models, it may be necessary to clear the cookies and cache from the phone and in some cases, an app re-install may be required.

For a step by step video, please click below.



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