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It is now possible to link your Matrix Cardio equipment to the Virtuagym training app.

If your Matrix Cardio equipment has an RFID scanner (5x and 7X series) and you have the Virtuagym Check-in solution you can provide your clients with the ultimate seamless experience.

How does it work?

Your members can scan their RFID card/tag on the Matrix device. The system will recognise the member and after the member is done with their workout, the details will automatically be pushed to their activity calendar.

What details that will be pushed?

  • Type of activity
  • Time active
  • Burned calories

How do you activate the integration?

For the integration to work we need two things from you:

  • Matrix Club ID / Facility ID
    • This can be found in your Matrix devices. Go to ‘service mode’ of the Matrix device by pressing 3-0-0-,1 followed by the check mark on the keypad of the device
    • Go to ‘assist management’. At the top, you’ll find the Facility ID
    • Hit the ‘Home’ key to go out of ‘service mode’
  • Virtuagym Club ID
    • Go to business settings in your VG portal
    • Scroll to the bottom of the page
    • Click on Advanced
    • Find the row “Club Key”, which starts with “CS-”
    • The five numbers listed between “CS-” and “-ACCESS-” is your Club ID. [Example: if you see “CS-12345-ACCESS”- “12345” is your Club ID.]
  • Send both the Matrix Club ID and the Virtuagym Club ID to and we will set the integration up for you.

 If you’ve got any questions feel free to send us an email or chat.

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