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Please note as of June 2019 Business Settings will now become System Settings

How to use Automated Payments


Virtuagym offers a way for you to automate your payments, so you can focus on what’s essential: coaching your clients!

To set up Automated Payments, you’ll need to make sure you have an online payment provider enabled. To do this, please follow the steps below:

  • Go to your System Settings in the side-bar menu.
  • Scroll down to the Membership & Billing section, and click on Payments



  • Once you have enabled one of the possible payment providers, the Automated Payments Frequency section will appear.



  • Here, you can configure the frequency in which you would like your invoices to be sent to the connected payment provider. There are three options:
    • Daily
    • Weekly, select any day from Monday - Sunday
    • Monthly, select any date from the 1st - 28th
  • Lastly, make sure to save changes by clicking on the Save button.


How do Automated Payments work? 

Once the frequency of the Automated Payments has been configured. The system will execute the invoices at 2 AM your local time (as configured in the system). 

baseline_info_black_18dp.png To see or change the timezone of your portal, go to System Settings > Business Info. There you can establish your location, region, and timezone.

For Paysafe only, clients that are being billed for the first time will receive an email including a pay-link where they’ll be able to add their payment details and complete the payment. All other payment providers will execute the first payment without a manual trigger.

Once clients have already added their payment details, all future invoices will be executed automatically.

If a recurring payment is declined/canceled by your online payment provider, the payment details will be deleted, and an email with the pay-link will be sent again. 


  • Invoices will only be executed with online payment methods
  • This feature doesn’t work with Paypal
  • The system will not execute invoices older than two months (62 days) to avoid too many attempts.
  • For Paysafe only, once every two weeks, the system will resend the pay-link email for invoices that haven’t been paid. Regardless of the frequency of the automated payment. This is to avoid spamming clients.
  • Automated payments will only execute existing invoices in the system, and not future recurring invoices (that haven’t been created).



  • Which payment method should I use in the invoice so it can be executed with the Automated Payments?

Only invoices with an online payment method (Paysafe, Mollie SEPA, EzyPay, GoCardless) will be executed. This feature will not work with Paypal. Invoices with other payment methods will also not work.

  • Which payment providers do not support recurring billing?

PayPal and Mollie (iDeal & Credit card) do not support recurring billing since they don’t store clients' payment information.

  • How can I add my client’s payment details?

For Mollie SEPA, EzyPay and GoCardless, the first invoice will directly be picked up by the recurring billing cycle, provided the necessary bank details have been filled out.

For Paysafe, the first invoice that your client receives will be tagged with the FRST status, which means that they still haven’t added their payment details. You can see these invoices by going to the Financial Module and apply the following filter: Outstanding > Online Payments > Paysafe.



The system will send the client an email with a pay-link to add their payment details and complete their first payment.


  • How does the system bill my clients that have their payment details already saved?

Once the client’s payment details have been saved in the system, the payment will be automatically executed and sent to your online payment provider.


  • Can I remove/exclude clients from being charged automatically?

It’s possible that some clients don’t want to be charged automatically, and prefer to pay themselves. In this case, you can exclude them from being charged automatically, in order to do this, go to Clients & Staff > Client Account > Scroll to the bottom of the page > check the Exclude from payment box.


  • How can I set up different payment cycles? 

If you want to charge clients in different payment cycles, it’s recommended to set the frequency to daily and make sure that the invoices are generated on the preferred billing date, matching the contract start date.

For example:

For weekly memberships, set the Next invoice will be created field to 0 days. The invoices will then be created every week and therefore, be billed at 2 AM the following day.


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