Virtuagym Touch

How do I log in to my Virtuagym Touch? 

1. Log in with your Virtuagym staff account to start set up: 

  • Only club manager credentials will be able to log in and adjust/set admin settings of Touch.

WiFi or ethernet connection required!

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2. Press START


3. Create your pin code

  • You can create any 4 digit pin code. This pin code will be used when you want to change the Touch settings in future.
  • You will be asked to enter your pin code for a second time just to confirm it.


How do I set up my Virtuagym Touch? 

How do I set up which modules I want to see?

By enabling the toggle switches you can select the modules you would like to show on this screen: 


An extensive library of 3D visualized exercises which can be browsed and filtered on muscle group and/or equipment. 


A library of workouts which members can browse for inspiration or play with a virtual trainer (1 to 1 or 1 to many). Can also be snapped to mobile app using QR.


A virtual training solution for coaching multiple exercises at the same time on one screen.


Important: in order for Touch to be able to display your Workouts and Circuits you will first have to create and save these Workouts and Circuits within the workout editor of your online Virtuagym portal (see ‘How to create workouts & circuits’ for a tutorial explaining how to do this).


How do I set only certain activities to be shown?

When enabling the Activities module you will be asked to select the equipment used in the activities you want to display to the users:

  • Filter the activities simply by enabling the equipment toggle switches. You can also easily select or deselect all activities. 

Touch supports thousands of exercises of which most support live 3D (allowing 360⁰ rotation in Activity mode).  If you only want to display the exercises which support this, please check the box “Only show activities with 3D functionalities”.

  • All set: press ‘SAVE’


How do I set only certain workouts to be shown?

When enabling the Workouts module you can filter the workouts based on both:

  • Equipment (left screen); you will first be asked to select the equipment used in the workouts you want to display to the users.
  • Individual (right screen); after confirming the workout equipment filter you can filter individual workouts created within the workout editor in your online Virtuagym portal
  • Click ‘SAVE’

 The number of available/selected workouts will always be shown at the bottom of the page.

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How do I enable only certain circuits to be shown?

When enabling the Circuits module you can filter individual circuits created within the workout editor in your online Virtuagym portal.

  • Filter the circuits simply by enabling the toggle switches. You can also easily select or deselect all circuits.
  • Click ‘SAVE’

The number of selected circuits will always be shown at the bottom of the page.



If you still want to adjust the selected modules, press ‘CONFIGURE’ in the My Modules screen and adjust settings.

After enabling and filtering the modules you wish to display you only have to press ‘FINISH’.




How do I start using my Touch?

To begin, select a module and start your exercise, workout, or circuit training!

How do I work with Activities?


Under the “Activities” module, you’ll find the available each of the activities that you previously set. In the Full Screen mode, you can see which muscles are being trained and scan the QR Code to save the activity to your Virtuagym App.  


How do I work with Workouts?  


Under the “Workouts” module, you’ll find several multi-activity workouts created either by Virtuagym or yourself. See general workout information such as equipment needed and workout goal as well as activities within the workout.


How do I work with Circuits?


Under the “Circuits” module, you can view all of the circuit training workout plans based on number of exercises and edit the rounds

Touch20.pngTouch21.pngTouch22.pngHow do I create my own workouts and circuits?

To create your workouts, begin by logging into your online Virtuagym portal from your computer. Select “COACH” and then “Workouts” in the left menu to start creating your own workouts.


Select “New workout plan” or “Workout Editor”.


Start adding exercises to your workout or circuit. 

*For circuit set up we recommend you to use ‘Time-based’ as default setting. Please note that the circuit player is able to display 9 exercises max at the same time. This will always be the first 9 exercises added to the circuit.


For circuits, the settings of the first activity in the list determine the duration of all rounds of the circuit training:

  • So in this example, participants will have to perform each exercise for 40 seconds during the sets in the first round. In the second round this will be 30 seconds, third round 25 seconds and so on. Rest after each exercise will be 30 seconds in all rounds.

(If repetition based: 1 rep = 4 sec)


Once you have finalized the exercises within the workout, create a name for the workout or circuit and save.


Next, you can determine whether you want this to be either a workout or a circuit. 

If you would like to save as a circuit, save as:

  • Visible for: Employees in my club
  • Is circuit: check yes

If you would like to save this plan as a workout, save as:

  • Visible for: everyone of my club
  • Is circuit: uncheck

Last step is to synchronize your Touch in order to display the newly created workout or circuit.

  1. Go to settings on the screen of your Touch and choose “synchronize data”
  2. When data is successfully synced, go to the Settings screen again and choose “change modules”
  3. Choose “configure” within the circuit or workout module and enable toggle switch of new circuit or workout
  4. Click “Save”
  5. Exit Settings screen via top left corner

 For more information, please see the attached Manual.  

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