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Set up your GoCardless account

Step 1

To be able to use GoCardless for Virtuagym Direct Debit payments, you will need a GoCardless account. this can be created from within your portal. Go to Business Settings > Payments to connect your existing account and/or create a new GoCardless account by clicking ‘Create account’.

Important: If you already have an existing GoCardless account please contact Client Success.


You will be redirected to the GoCardless Website in order to create and verify your account. Please note, in order to receive payouts your account needs to be verified. Once your account is verified you will see the status set to Verified.


Collect required information from clients

Step 2

Data mandatory for a client

In order to execute online payments via GoCardless in your portal, there are a few client fields required to be filled in.  

For BACS Direct Debit (UK) the following fields are required:

  • First name and Last name
  • Account holder
  • Account number (UK bank account number)
  • Sort code
  • Mandate-ID


For SEPA Direct Debit the following fields are required:

  • First name and Last name
  • Account holder
  • Account number (IBAN number)
  • Mandate-ID

In order to collect this data, we recommend using the webshop for online signup. During the online signup flow, you can require your new members to fill in these bank details and give permission for future Direct Debit payments, which is also often referred to as a mandate. 

Step 3
Setting up the webshop
Go to the Business Settings > Online Shop and make sure to choose ‘GoCardless’ as an available payment method per category you’ve created in the webshop.


Please note in these settings it will display as GoCardless, however, in the webshop, it will show as: ‘Direct Debit’ to avoid confusion for your customers.


Once the customer clicked on checkout they have to fill in the necessary data in order for you to process payments through GoCardless. Please note, only if your portal is set to UK it will give the option to choose between IBAN and UK Bank Account. The customer needs to tick the checkbox to give permission to process (future) payments via Direct Debit (setting up a mandate).


Step 4 (Only use this step if you are not currently using GoCardless)
Please contact Client Success if you are already using GoCardless

Collecting required details for existing clients (not via webshop)
If you want to collect the bank details and permission for existing clients or if you do not want to do this via the webshop there are 2 options to still receive this information.

1. You can send out a mandate request via the Clients and Staff module. The clients will receive an email with a link which will redirect them to a similar page as is shown in the webshop where they will be asked to fill in their account details and tick a checkbox for permission to process (future) Direct Debit payments.

2. You can click on the ‘Create mandate’ button in the Clients and Staff module when creating or editing a client. In order to do this, you need to already have permission from the client to process Direct Debit payments (paper mandate). You will still need to collect the required bank account details and fill them in the Clients and Staff module.


Do your Direct Debit Payment

Step 1

  • Go to the Financial module, find any invoice and under options at the top right of your screen, click on ‘Outstanding’, ‘Online Payments’ and ‘GoCardless’.
  • Select all invoices, click top left on ‘Options’, and click on ‘Execute online payment’.

Once you’ve clicked on this, the selected invoices will turn green. This means, that the payment is ‘in progress’. The invoices are processed one by one, so it can be that if the page refreshed not all invoices are processed yet. Please be patient, and give the system time to process all the invoices. There is a queue running in the background that will make sure all selected invoices will be sent to GoCardless.

After this, every invoice is set to ‘pending’. This means that the invoice is sent successfully to GoCardless and that GoCardless executes the actual Direct Debit payment. Within 5 working days, GoCardless will update the status of the invoices in Virtuagym from ‘pending’ to ‘paid’, or ‘outstanding’ if there is a failed payment.


Payment Timing

For Payment timings please check the links below.



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