Adding VIRTUAGYM to your App Store Connect account

Because of specific guidelines issued by Apple regarding iOS app releases, there are a few extra requirements that must be met for us to develop and publish your branded app. These requirements apply to all businesses and developers who wish to operate on the App Store. We can no longer publish apps for single person businesses and clients without an Apple device. You are also required to enroll for the Apple Developer Account and pay a 99$ annual fee to be able to have a branded app.

Because these changes were issued directly by Apple, Virtuagym had to revise current guidelines and change the processes to be able to keep developing iOS apps for you. More information about new guidelines can be found on Apple’s website


During this process, you will have to invite Virtuagym to manage your accounts through the App Store Connect website. This grants us permission to publish the branded mobile app on your behalf.


Please note that during the development process, Apple might send you an email regarding your app. PLEASE DO NOT reply to Apple! If you receive an email that requires a reply, please always contact us first and we will handle all communication with Apple until your app is live.



You will have to go through these steps:

  1. Create an additional Gmail address. Example.

  2. Add a team member to your App Store Connect account

  3. Send the invitation to this account and accept it with the created Gmail address. Please note that this link will expire within three hours. Please contact to let us know that you have completed the above steps.


1. Creating an additional Gmail address

A. Go to Gmail

B. Click Create an account


C. Fill in all necessary information to create the account




2. Adding a Team Member to App Store Connect Account

Follow these steps to invite Virtuagym to App Store Connect:

A. Log in to App Store Connect with your business's Apple ID and password.

B. Select Users and Roles.


C. At the top left, click the + button next to "Users."


D. You're now on the "Add App Store Connect User" page. Enter the following details:

  • First name: VG
  • Last name: Developer
  • E-mail: Use the created email address.
  • Roles: Admin
  • Tick the box "Access to Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles". 
  • Click on Invite.



3. Accept the invitation you just sent to the created Gmail address.

A. Log in to the created Gmail account

B. Accept the invitation to the App Store Connect. Make sure you are not already logged in with your business Apple ID!!


C. Once you've done these steps, send us the Apple ID login information you created using the Gmail address to


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