Frequently Asked Questions - Business Analytics

Where can I find information about each of the charts in the Business Analytics module? 
This link contains an article where you can find an explanation about each chart in the module.
Here you can find a user guide for Business Analytics.
An Academy walkthrough is also available by clicking on the academy icon located right below each tab in the Business Analytics module.

How often are the charts updated?
The data on each chart is updated once daily. This means that new data or existing data that has been edited will be incorporated on a daily basis.

Is the data secure?
Yes, the security of our clients’ data is our highest priority. For the Beta version, we are not using any personally identifiable information (except for coaches’ names).

How come some of the charts in my portal show a “No data exists” or “No data in filtered range” message?
This happens when there is no data generated within the portal for that specific chart or in the selected time period. For example, if the visitor registration module is not used, then the check-ins chart will not show data. 

Can I export the data from the charts?
For the Beta version, it is not possible to export the data.

Who can access this module?
The module is only available for Club Managers and Assistant Managers.

In what languages is Business Analytics available?
Currently, it is only available in English. The Business Analytics Academy page, user guide, and dashboards explanation are  available in English, Spanish, French, Dutch, and German.

I signed in to a sub-club and then moved to check business analytics in another sub-club in the same browser, but I am still seeing the dashboards for the first sub-club. What is going on?
This is easily fixed! Just make sure you log out from the first sub-club’s portal and then sign in to the other portal.


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