How to install the FunkyGate-IP PC/SC?

Step 1: Connect the reader

Connect the RFID-reader to a power source using a Power over Ethernet (POE) adapter. We suggest using the TP-link TL-POE150S POE adapter which has been tested and we know it works:

Use a POE compatible Ethernet cable, for example, a Cat5e ethernet cable.

Connect the POE adapter to your network by using an ethernet cable. When this is not possible you need to buy a network switch and connect this switch to your computer using an ethernet cable.

Step 2: Install and configure the reader

Use the following article to install and configure the Funkygate-IP PC/SC


When using an additional network switch don’t forget to turn off your internet connection. If the computer connected two different networks, you will still find the Springcard PC/SC card reader but will not be able to use and ping it.

At the backside of the reader are 4 switches. For working mode only put the first switch up.

Step 3: Follow the standard instructions

From here you can follow this standard RFID install instructions. You can start at step 2


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