Actions that increase the price of your License

The details of your License are available in your portal, in the Business Settings> License and Invoices section.  There you can always consult  for example the number of Coaches and the number of Schedules or Active Clients that are included in your License.



Please note that the price of your License will automatically increase in the following cases:

1. When you add new clients and the total number of active clients exceeds the number of clients that you had in your initial package. For example, if your license is up to 20 clients, the price of your license will automatically increase when you exceed 20 active clients.  You can always check the exact number of active clients that you have registered in your Portal in the Clients and Staff module. 


2. When you add more Schedules than what your original license included. If your license included for example one Schedule and in the Business Settings> Schedule Settings tab you add more than one schedule,  the price of your license will increase automatically. 


3. When you grant more coaching privileges to your employees than what was included in your original license. As a club manager, you can grant different privileges to your employees.   Coach is one of those privileges. If your license includes 2 Coaches and you grant coaching privileges to more than 2 employees, the price of your license will automatically increase. 


Note: If by mistake you have increased the number of Coaches, Schedules or Clients - increasing thus the price of your license -  please IMMEDIATELY contact us so we can make the appropiate changes. You can send an email to



















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