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Virtuagym allows the option to display a “Live Stream” directly in your Community or in other groups. With this guide, we want to show how you can go live and give you a few ideas of how to make use of this function in order to get more value for you and your clients.

Increase customer engagement with Live Streams

Competition in the fitness industry is huge and being outstanding, offering clients more value than your competitor is key to success. Engaging with clients and keeping them happy will help your business to increase retention, customer acquisition and revenue.

Offering Live Streams to your clients can be a very powerful tool to create value for your clients and for your business.

We gathered a couple of ideas to inspire you on how to make most out of this function:

  • Create additional content like live online coaching for (premium) clients (also consider private groups as an option to share the stream with selected customers
  • Offer live streams to explain to clients how to use tools like the mobile app successfully
  • Webinars to teach your expertise e.g. coaching or nutrition to your clients
  • Stream workouts from you and your coaches
  • Live tours of your Gym or Studio
  • Live updates about your business

Create a youtube account

In order to set up a stream in your Virtuagym community, you need a youtube account


Activate the Live-Streaming function

After creating a youtube account you need to activate the Livestream function and validate your account. Click here and press the button “Get started”:

After that, you have to verify your account. You have to link a phone number to your Youtube account. Now just wait 24 hours until Youtube unlocks the streaming function for your account

Go Live

Now that you have an activated account you can live stream with your Youtube account. Go to the live stream dashboard.

There are two main options:

Just click on “Camera." You can choose the title and privacy setting, select microphone and a webcam. Take a photo for a thumbnail and you are set to stream!

If you put your stream on “unlisted” the Live Stream WON'T be accessible through your Youtube channel but only for clients who have the link to this event. This is especially important if you want to create exclusive content for members of your business.

Schedule your stream

For the second option which allows you to plan live stream sessions, click on “Events”. Note that you have many different streaming options including using different encoding software, advanced cameras and even your phone. For more information click here.


In order to set up live stream click on “New live event”:

In the next section you can fill out all the information you want to. Most important are the title and the privacy options. You can also add a start and end time for the stream.

Click on “Create event”. It will appear on your event list. When the time arrives you can click on “Start Hangout On Air”.

Google Hangouts will open and you can test your sound and video.

Once you click on “Start broadcast” you are live!!!

How to link the Live Stream to your Virtuagym Portal

In order to link the Virtuagym live stream to your portal, you need the URL of your Stream. There are two ways to get to that URL:

1. Click on the bottom right of the Google Hangouts on Air screen--  find the Link to your Youtube screen-- Put the URL in your Browser. You will be redirected to your Youtube page of this stream and can use this URL (see also 2).

2. Click on the title of the stream then you will be directed to the stream page on Youtube

This is the how your stream looks on Youtube.  Copy the URL:

Now go to your Community in your portal and click on the little Youtube button. You can now copy the URL of your Stream in that field. Add a description what your clients can expect and you are good to go!

Clients can now see the live stream in your community as well as the time the stream will start. They will be able to tune in via the Community page:



Good to Know:

  •  After your Live Stream is finished people can re-watch it whenever they feel like it.

  • Clients can see the URL also with their mobile App. If they click on it they just get redirected to Youtube and can watch the stream. 
  • Clients have the option to engage with you directly via the comment function in the Community/group

  • In Youtube, you can keep track of stats like viewers, watch time and many more things in the Video Manager

  •  If you're reaching enough users with your streams/videos you might be eligible for the Youtube partnership program which will allow you to monetize your content with ads. More information here
  • If you have any questions regarding that function feel free to reach out to our Client Success Team.


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