Nutrition | Create barcodes for your products and meals

It is possible to add a barcode to products and meals in Virtuagym. Members can scan the barcode and see the product or meal straight away in their app. This is a great opportunity to give nutrition advice and motivate your clients to eat healthy.

For example, on your community page you can upload pictures of your meals and add a barcode next to it for easy scanning. Your client(s) can add the meal or product in her/his nutrition diary with the help of the built-in barcode scanner.

Note: If you add a barcode to your club meals or club products, they are only visible exclusively to members registered in your portal.



To add a barcode to your product or meal, follow these steps: 

  • You can create (EAN / UPC) barcodes for free with this online tool and assign them to your products. 


  • Login to the Virtuagym mobile Food App
  • Click on the barcode icon in the top right corner


  • Use your phone to scan the new barcode you just created (allow camera permissions).
    The app should recognise there is a barcode automatically (you do not need to click). If nothing happens, you will need to try a different barcode. EAN / UPC is the best.

  • A popup will appear saying it is a new barcode. Click OK
    If this popup does not appear, the code may already be assigned to another product and you will need to use a different number/code in the barcode generator tool


  • Search for the name of your (self-made) product/meal and select it (you may have to scroll through the list to find it)
  • In the next pop-up, make sure the checkbox for assigning barcode is ticked, then click SAVE.
    Please note: this will add the meal to your own food diary. You can delete it later if desired.


  • The product or meal is now assigned to your new barcode. When a member scans the barcode in their food app, it will immediately add the product/meal to their own diary

Tip: Print the barcode and place on your in-house notice board for member meal inspiration, or post the barcode in your community Nutrition group or other social media pages! 

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