Nutrition | Create barcodes for your products and meals

It is possible to add a barcode to products and meals in Virtuagym. Customers can scan the code and see the products and meals created by you right away in their app. This is a great opportunity to give nutrition advice and motivate your clients to eat healthily. For example, you can upload pictures of your meals and add a Barcode next to it. Your client(s) can add the meal or product in her/his nutrition diary with the help of the built-in barcode scanner.

If you add a barcode to your club meals or club products, they are only visible exclusively to customers registered in your portal.

You can create Barcodes for free (EAN 8 and EAN 13) with this tool and add them to your products afterwards. 


To add a Barcode to your products, follow these steps: 

1. Simply enter a 13-digit number into the EAN 13 and generate the barcode.
2. Scan the barcode with the Food app. The code should not yet be assigned to a product (otherwise enter another 13-digit number).
3. You can now select a product and assign a (self-made) product/meal to the barcode
4. If you scan the barcode again, the linked product will appear. 
5. You can print this barcode or put it in Facebook messages etc. and your clients can scan the linked product immediately and add it to their nutrition diary.


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