Workouts | How Can I Create A Superset, Circuit Training or a HIIT workout?


When you are creating a training plan for your client, there's a good chance you want to include a superset or circuit in this plan.  

You can easily do so by following the steps below: 


1. Create the entire workout.



2. Select the exercises you wish to be within the Superset and choose the "Link" option.



3. Your exercises are now linked into a Superset and ready to be duplicated for recurrence, deleted or unlinked, depending on your needs.



4. In this manner, you can create as many rounds of Supersets as you wish!




Unlike repetition-based activities, cardio activities don’t have repetitions. However, you can still link several cardio activities and create a circuit training or HIIT workout:

When a member opens the activity calendar on a web browser, they won’t be able to see the Supersets displayed in links. However, if they want to use the browser to view the workout, once they click "play", they will be able to see the Superset in the video display.


Alternatively, they can either print out the workout...


...or use their mobile app to access the Superset workout you've created for them.







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