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Enable the Webshop / Online Shop in your license


The Online Shop can be enabled in Business Settings > License and Invoices, and click on save. See image below:

The Online Shop is a feature that can be used to sell memberships and products, and it can also be used for your clients to sign-up to your portal.

This means that potential clients who are interested in your portal and who'd like to sign up can now do so immediately through the website. You will no longer have to manually register them. This will also better serve existing clients, as they can purchase credits, products or services for themselves whenever they want, wherever they are. And Virtuagym takes a huge part of the administrative hassle off your hands!



 Setting up your Online Shop


In Business Settings > Online Shop, you will find the settings for the feature. Here you can fill in general info such as the name of the Online Shop, a description and the shop e-mail address. You will also find the main link that will direct you to the shop.

The terms and conditions can be filled in under Business Info > Advanced.



Once you’ve filled in the general settings, you can start setting up your categories.
Click on the blue ‘+ Add category’ option to create categories for your membership and products you are going to sell. 
When the categories are created, you can start adding the memberships and products.  

The memberships and products you add to the Online Shop will first have to be set up in the Memberships and POS sections of your Business Settings. 

Once the category is added, click on the category you just created, the following screen will pop up: 

NOTE: To enable a category you will need to click on the Category name and add products AND payment methods. After this an enable option will appear at the top right. Click this so it turns blue. Only then you will see the category show up in your Online Shop.


Click on the + sign to add your memberships. Once you’ve added your memberships, you can choose the available payment methods.

When everything is all set up in the Business Settings, you can access your shop online by following the ‘Shop Main Link.' 


For clients: buying a product/membership in the Online Shop


The Online Shop is very user-friendly. Clients can choose a product, payment method and then click on check-out. 


The client has to select if they are a new client or an existing client. If they are a new client, they have to fill in their information and can automatically sign up.




After this step, the payment is done and the client gets an active membership. A confirmation email is sent to the club and the client. A client can directly book a class, have a look around at the community or join a challenge. It's up to the club what clients can and can't do once they get access to the online portal. 


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    John Jamesapollos

    Your system has no way to refund an invoice when paid "as in a return of service" or "an error in payment" for services. This is ridiculous.

    Stop adding crap to your software, fix the many glitches and inconsistencies, and try to develop basic functionality like a system to refund a payment from within the software.

    Your ridiculous sytem has us going outside of your software and refund directly from Paysafe. This totally screws up any tracking of payments and refunds from within your software. This is total BS.