Mobile Apps | Difference kcal between Food app and Virtuagym app

When you use a device that counts your steps/sleep, be careful that there can be a difference in burned calories in the Virtuagym app in 'Activity' and the amount of burned calories the Food app displays. You will find the amount of burned calories in the last is lower. 


How come? Explanation:

The food plan calculation already takes in to account activities that are 'daily activity/movement'. When you create a food plan you have to fill in how active you are in your daily life.

Steps and Sleep exercises are a perfect examples of activities you do daily, so the calories for these exercises will not be counted as extra burned calories.


Change setting 'Ignore calories burned with activities'

In the Food App you have the possibility to choose to calculate burned calories with activity in your daily calory intake. You can change this setting as follows:


Go to Menu > Settings > Switch on/off 'Ignore calories burned with activities'

Switched on means these kcal won't be displayed

Switched off means the Food App shows how many kcal you can eat after a workout





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