Schedule | Create your schedule and add your first event

This article will guide you through the steps to follow in order to create your schedule and ultimately add your first event to it.

Creating the schedule

Go to Business settings > Schedule Settings > click Add

Click on the Advanced button in order to see a full display of the possible settings. Adjust the schedule to your needs.

For more information about the function of each of the settings go to this article.

Now that you have created your schedule, it's time to add events for your clients to join.  


Adding events

Go to Schedule module.

Click on the created schedule tab (i.e. Group Lessons), located on the top right.

Add an event by clicking on the + sign that appears when you hover your cursor over the days.

Choose the event from the list in the database or create your own by scrolling down the list and clicking on Create new activity.

Assign >

  1. Instructor  
  2. Max Participants
  3. Date
  4. Start time and End Time  
  5. Location/ optional (add a costume one in the business settings> location options > + sign)
  6. Recurrency  
  7. How long in advance it can be booked
  8. Possibility to cancel free of charge until
  9. Event cost (in case your clients need a special credit to join)
  10. Optional employee note
  11. Description of the event
  12. Optional > enable online booking for clients to book themselves.


Click Add to create the event in your schedule.


You have now added your first event! Now your clients can book the time by clicking on the preferred event > Book now. You can also add members or guests to the event.



Once you have participants in the class, you will be able to check the participation both by opening the event or at the bottom right corner of the event in the calendar itself (i.e. ⅘).  

Now you have created your schedule and added your first event!

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