How to customize the information in your invoices?

In order to add to your invoices more information that you consider essential for your business, there are two ways, both editable in Business Settings > Financial Info > Invoices. 


Option 1: The option "Invoice Text" allows you to add further invoice texts besides the one set as default (that can be edited as well).

Here you can add the text to be added case by case to the invoices generated by the system. If you would like your text to be set as default, you can just edit the Default invoice text.

In the invoice, you can just select the text to show in the soft or hard version.

If you click on Options > Print, that's how the invoice will look like:


Option 2: The options "Extra Invoice Field Staff/Clients" allow you to show specific information in any invoice related to a specific client or staff member. 




In Clients and Staff > Client/Staff Overview, once selected the user, you will see the same field added to his profile. This can be edited if 


And these information will be showed right under his/her name in the invoice:



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