How Do I Change The Termination Date When Ending A Client's Contract?

When you want to end the contract of your member, you can end the membership immediately or at the termination date. The termination date is the end date of the contract, this date can be far in the future. 

Sometimes a client wants to stop before the end date of the contract, but you don't want to end the contract immediately, then it is possible to determine another termination date. For example when you want to put the termination date on the end of the current month. 

To do this you go to the contract of the client. You first have to change the bill till date to the date you want.

Please note! The system always creates an invoice on the first of the month, so make sure you put bill till date on the end of the month so a new invoice will not be created, otherwise you have to delete or credit the invoice manually. 

When you changed the bill till date you are able to change the contract end date. 

When you saved the new contract end date you can go to options and press end membership. Now you will see that you can select the new termination date. 


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