How do my STAFF and CLIENTS book and cancel for classes?

  • Classes are booked from the activity itself. Go to Schedule App > Select the wanted activity.

  • Two ways of booking classes:
  1. Book the clients yourself as club staff (“enable booking online” OFF)
    1. “Add member” > Find the name of the member in the search field.
    2. “Add guest” > Let somebody test a class (possible future client, friends, family…)  Guests will count as participants in the class so a place will be booked for them. Guests will receive a confirmation email and will be updated if changes are made.
  2. Clients book themselves via online booking (“enable booking online” ON)
    1. Booking classes with event costs: Clients must have the appropriate credits in order to book.
    2. Booking classes with NO event cost: No specific credits are needed in order to book.
    3. Booking in a recurring manner: Enable this option going to Business Settings > Coaching and Mobile Apps > Schedule Settings > Select the Schedule you want > Enable “Allow recurring bookings”


  • Cancel a booked class: Go to the calendar > Select the class
    1. Clients need to state a reason for the cancellation.
    2. Credits of event cost are NOT refunded if the cancellation is done later than the “cancellable (free of charge)” set up period of time.  
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