Business Settings | Allowing your members to pause or cancel their membership

When you have a very large number of clients, it might be the case that you want to have an easier and less time consuming way to pause their membership when it is needed or even cancel their contract when they don’t wish to renew their contract.

You have now the option to enable a new feature that will allow your clients to pause or cancel their memberships by themselves following only a few easy steps in their club account.

First we will explain how you can enable this option. To find it you need to go to your Business Settings > Client Settings > My services. There you can select the option “Show memberships” and choose what you want your clients to be able to do, end their own contract, pause their own contract, or both. You can also indicate the minimum and maximum number of days that a contract can be pause.

Note: do not forget to add an email to receive notifications/request of changes.


Here is how it works for your clients. They are able to access their club account details either through the mobile app or their web profile.

On the web profile they need to click on the arrow menu next to their name on the top right and go into their Club Account Info. Similarly in the mobile app they need to go on the menu button on the top left, select “My Club” and go into My Club Account.

When the client chooses one of the options, you as administrator will receive an email notification about the changes that you client has made to make it easier in keeping track of this in your administration.

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