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Emails that are sent from Virtuagym regarding for example schedule classes, invoices or the birthday email are always sent from "". If you would like to change this into your own domain name, you can do so in the System Settings > Email Templates.

Please note: Changing the domain name only works when you have your OWN won't work, will work.

Under Email Templates you go to "advanced" all the way at the bottom of the page. There you tick the box for "Use a different SMTP server"

After this you will need to add a few details.

Please note: the description underneath applies to Google's email server. If you are using a different email server, you can contact them for the right settings.

- SMTP-Server & STMP Port are decided per email server, so for Google there are as above.

- In some cases you need to add 'tls://' as a prefix, so you'll get tls:// 

- Use SSL/TLS must be ticked.

- SMTP Username & Password is the email address and the password of the email address you want to send the emails from.

- From Name is the name you want to show to the recipients

- From Address is the email you want to show to the recipients.

- Reply-to address is the address the recipients can reply to.

Once you've added everything, you can test the connection. You will then get one of either pop ups:

If you get this notification, it means everything worked and you are ready to go!

If you get this notification, it means some settings in your Gmail are not yet set up correctly and you will have received an email telling you about this. The email will look like this:

To make sure you can set up the connection, follow these steps:

Go into Gmail to "My account", which can be found at the top right of your screen.

Under My Account, you go to "Connected Apps & Sites".

On this page you go to "Allow less secure apps" and turn the option on.

Once you've turned this option on you can test the connection again, whereas you should get the following notification:

If this doesn't work or you need help for any of these steps, you can always contact


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