Mobile Apps | How to get your Custom Branded App published

Please note that a Custom Branded App costs 49,- per month, plus additional set up fees. Please contact the Client Success Department at for further details. 

It is time to start designing your own Custom Branded App

In this manual you will find the steps to take to prepare and publish your own Custom Branded App.

Please take this manual into careful consideration when preparing your files and publishing the Branded App, so that our Mobile Development team can make sure your app is published as fast as possible.

Necessary logos & colors

To create your Branded App, we will need some files from you to be able to start developing. To complete your Branded App Application, we need the following information:

  • App Icon (1024x1024 for iPhone, 512x512 for Android)
  • Home Logo (transparent, 500x300 for both apps)
  • Logo Background (optional, 768x382 for both apps)
  • Navigation Bar Color (hex code) & Login Background Color (hex code)

App Icon

The App Icon is the image that your members will see as your app on the main screen of their phone. Make sure you use a squared image so your logo is properly displayed.

App Icon for iPhone:
1024x1024, non-transparent

App Icon for Android:
512x512, can be transparent

Home Logo

The Home Logo is the company logo that appears on the home screen and login screen of the Branded App. It is very important this logo is transparent, since a background picture or color is always behind it.

Home Logo for iPhone:
500x300, transparent

Home Logo for Android:
500x300, transparent

Logo Background

The Logo Background is an optional choice to add to your Branded App. This Background will be displayed behind the Home Logo, which means the image cannot be a normal picture.

If you decide not to use a Logo Background, the color of your Navigation Bar will be the background color on the home screen.

Logo Background for iPhone:


Logo Background for Android:



Navigation Bar Color & Login Background

The Navigation Bar Color is the color that is used in the bar for each screen on the Mobile app. If you do not add a Logo Background, this color will also be displayed behind your logo on the main screen.

The Login Background is used for the login screen on the app, and can be the same color as the Navigation Bar, but you could choose to change the color if you want.

Both colors should not be white or close to white, since the menu buttons will then no longer be visible. App Store & Google Play will reject apps with a light/white background or navigation bar.

Colors need to be supplied in hex code.

Necessary texts and information

To have your app published in both App Stores, we will need some texts and other information from you to be able to start developing. To complete your Branded App Application, we need the following texts:

  • App Name & App Full Name
  • Short Description in App Store
  • Full App Store Description

App Name

The App Name is the Name that is displayed on the mobile device. This should be kept as short as possible, so it is displayed in full below your App Icon. An example could be “I Am Fit”

The maximum amount of characters is 15, but we recommend to use no more than 10.

App Full Name

This is the name of the app that’s visible in the App stores. Your members will be able to find your App based on the name. An example could be “Studio I Am Fit Amsterdam”

The maximum amount of characters is 30.

Short App Store Description

The Short App Description is more of a slogan describing your gym and is used in Google Play only.

An example Short App Description could be “Get Fit with I Am Fit Amsterdam - Workouts for Home & Gym!”

The maximum amount of characters is 80.

Full App Store Description

The Full App Store Description is a description of your app and can be found in both App Stores. In here you can describe what the app can do and how your members can get an account.

Please note links or email addresses are NOT allowed in the App Store Description and adding these might result in your app being rejected.

An example text is provided on the Branded App request form and has a maximum amount of characters of 4000.


Uploading all information and files to publish for development

To make sure your app can be developed and published in the App Stores, you will need to upload all information on your own portal.

Please note that developing and publishing of your app takes a maximum of 2 weeks, so make sure you publish your information at least 2 weeks before you want the app to be used by your members.

To upload your information you will need access to your business portal. You will receive an invitation email on your start date which will allow you to activate your professional account for your portal.


Follow these steps to upload your information

Step 1 - Go to Business Settings

Find the app named Business Settings in your App Overview.

To find this App, you will need to be in your portal. You can access your portal through the link in your invitation email, or by going to

There you log in with your email and password. After logging in, you can find the App Overview by clicking on your name (with “professional” stated below it) at the top right of the screen.

Please note that only a Club Manager has access to the Business Settings

Step 2 - Go to Mobile Apps tab

In the Business Settings you have a menu on the left side of the screen. Under the second header “Coaching & Mobile Apps” you will find the tab “Mobile Apps”.

Click on this tab to access the Mobile Apps page.

Step 3 - Make sure you are on “Branded App”

You are now on the page to customize your App. Make sure you have ticked the option for “Branded App”, since this is the right page for uploading your own Branded App.

Step 4 - Choose colors and logos

You can now upload all logos and colors prepared earlier in this document. Once you upload a logo or choose a color, you will see the results right away in the previews above.

Step 5 - Fill in all necessary texts

In the next step you will enter all information regarding App Store texts. You are able to publish these texts in multiple languages. To add other languages, go to Business Settings > Business Info > Secondary Language. You can add as many languages as you require.

Please note that we provide a template text for your Full App Description, but you will need to change {APP NAME} into your own club name. This will not be done automatically!

Step 6 - Publish your Branded App

Once you’ve entered all required information and are happy with the previews shown, you can Publish your app.

If you’d like to come back later to finish the app before publishing, you are always able to Save in between.

Please note that once you publish your app, you are no longer able to make adjustments until the app is developed and published in the App Stores. This will take a maximum of two weeks.

After your app is published, you can make changes on the same page in your Business Settings. Making changes for the first time is free of charge, every future change will add a one time fee of 49,- to your license.

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