How do Family Memberships work?


Within Virtuagym, you have the possibility to financially link clients to one another. Let's say that a parent is working out as well as their children, and all of the family members are paid by the parent. With Family Memberships, you can financially link that parent to their children, so all invoices are set to the parent's account!

How to financially link members

To financially link a member to someone else, go to the client profile of the PAYER. Under the tab invoices, you will see the possibility to add another member to the client. 

By clicking on "Financially link client to NAME CLIENT", you will get a pop-up where you can choose a client.

Here, you search for a member that you want the client (in this case Anil) to pay for. Next to that, you decide which invoices go on Anil's name. 

You have four options:

1. Anil pays for everything (any invoice that's created on the selected client will automatically be billed to Anil)
2. Anil pays for Memberships (only membership invoices will be set to Anil)
3. Anil pays for POS products (only POS product invoices will be set to Anil)
4. Anil does not pay for financially linked client (no invoices of the selected client are automatically billed to Anil)

Please note you can always manually bill an invoice to the PAYER. So in the case below you can still change an invoice for a POS product to be billed to Anil.

The last thing you need to decide is if you want the selected client's name to be on the invoice. So in this case, I want Heidi's name to be displayed on invoices billed to Anil. 

Once you've selected one or more clients to be financially linked, you can see the overview under the tab invoices in the client's profile. 

For the PAYER, it looks like this:

For the PAYEE, it looks like this:

Since the invoice is now on the PAYER's name, all payment information from the PAYER will be used for those invoices, including SEPA and online payment information. 

Please note that financially linking members can only be done in 1 step. This means that if Anil would have a business connected to him that pays for him, that business will not pay for Heidi. If this is what you want to happen, you will need to add that business to Heidi directly.

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