Online Payments | Using Paysafe

To be able to use Paysafe (formally known as Optimal Payments) for Virtuagym payments, you will need a Paysafe account. You can create an account in your portal or using the link below.

To apply for a Paysafe Merchant account,  go to the application link. 

Do you already have a Paysafe account? Please, send an email to  with the merchant’s account number and the new rates the merchant should be given and Paysafe will make the adjustments.

Start with your payment 

As soon as you've created an account, go to Business Settings > Payments in Virtuagym. Here, under "available payment providers", you can tick the box Paysafe. Under "Paysafe merchant account", enter the "Paysafe API Key" and your "Paysafe Account Number" that is attached to your Paysafe account. Save it. 

Now you can go to your financial app, find any invoice and under options at the top right of your screen, click on "email including pay-link". This will send the invoice as a PDF to the client, with the link to Paysafe to immediately pay the outstanding amount. 

If you want to email more than 1 invoice to clients, you can select multiple invoices from the invoice overview. Select all the invoices, click top left on options, and click on "Email including pay-link". Now, all invoices including the payment link will be sent to your clients. 

When clients open the email and click on the payment link, they are redirected to the Paysafe payment portal. There, they can fill in their information and make their first payment. 

When the payment of the client goes through, this is automatically updated in Virtuagym.

To learn more about the Payment Rates that are used, read this article.


Recurring payment

After the first successful payment, you can execute future payments through the Virtuagym portal. To execute the payment, select the invoice(s) you would like paid from the overview, click the options drop down and then "Execute online payment"

If the payment is successful, the invoice status is set to paid, and the credit card payment is added. 
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  • Avatar

    Where is the link to actually sign up to create a paysafe link? Is the paysafe business account the same as the paysafecard? Is this the same thing? It is very vague in your academy.

  • Avatar
    Lesline Irons

    You can create the account from within your portal.
    Go to Business Settings-Payments-.
    From there it will direct you to the site and you can create an account.

  • Avatar
    John Jamesapollos

    Your system has no way to refund an invoice when paid "as in a return of service" or "an error in payment" for services. This is ridiculous.

    Stop adding crap to your software, fix the many glitches and inconsistencies, and try to develop basic functionality like a system to refund a payment from within the software.

    Your ridiculous sytem has us going outside of your software and refund directly from Paysafe. This totally screws up any tracking of payments and refunds from within your software. This is total BS.