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To learn about which specifications are needed for a Turnstile, check out this article.
To install the turnstile and relay, check out this article.

Now that the hardware part is done, we can connect the turnstile to our software. You can download this from Business Settings -> Connections. Run the setup.exe file and the application will be installed, a shortcut will be created on the desktop. Run the application and it will tell you to add a card reader*.

Go to the task bar icon of the application (bottom right), right-click it and open the settings (figure 7).


Figure 7: open the check-in-clients settings 

  • In the settings, click ‘add new’ to open the menu for adding card readers.
  • Select the scanner, give it a name (turnstile) and enter the check-in-key for the gym.
    Read here how to retrieve your check-in key. 
  • Tick the box ‘Enable Relay Control’ to control the turnstile. Select a COM port and put the relay number on 1. Click ‘Test Relay’ to test for the right COM port and check if the turnstile opens.
  • Once the turnstile opens, the right port is selected. Click OK and restart the program.

Once you have added new clients in the online portal, you can connect their account to any RFID object, read more about that in this article. 

Also, you can set certain settings for your check-in. Read more about the settings in this article.

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