Point of Sale | Using a Barcode Scanner for the POS

Virtuagym now allows you to use a Barcode Scanner to scan your products when selling them to your customers.

Any barcode scanner that allows keyboard emulation should work, but we recommend the Honeywell Genesis 7580g
it is easy to test your barcode scanner by following these steps:

Steps to take to install the scanner:

  1. Make sure the scanner is on keyboard mode. Usually this will be the default setting, otherwise look in the manual of the device. In our example of the Genesis 7580g it’s the default setting. If it changed somehow there is a barcode to scan in the manual that says ‘USB PC Keyboard’, which will put it in the right setting.

Note: this keyboard mode can be named differently by different manufacturers. Usually it will be something like USB-keyboard, Keyboard Wedge, USB Keyboard Emulation or Keyboard Mode. Test it by putting the computer in a text editor and scan a barcode. If the barcode appears in the editor, the scanner is in the correct mode.

  1. There has to be an ‘enter’ after the barcode for it to work with Virtuagym. This is sometimes on by default, otherwise there’s a setting for it in the manual of the device. Look for ‘suffix’ in the manual, which means adding something behind the input. In our example it’s ‘Add CR Suffix’ that adds an enter key behind the code.

Note: this suffix can probably be named differently sometimes if you have a different scanner. It will usually be called either CR, New Line or Enter. To test it, again go to a text editor and see if the barcode appears when you scan a code on the scanner. If after the barcode it goes to a new line, the settings are correct.

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