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A barcode scanner is a device that “scans” black and white elements of a barcode by illuminating the code with a red light, which is then converted into matching text.

Barcode Scanners come in different sizes and presentations, and there are different options to choose from. 

Choosing the Right Barcode Scanner

If you want to use this technology, please make sure the device you choose meets the following conditions:

  • COM Mode: The Scanner has Serial Emulation Mode (Virtual COM Port Mode)
  • USB Interface: This means that it is connected via USB to the computer.
  • It can decode the barcodes format that you want to use: For example, if you want to use QR codes, the Scanner must be able to decode 2D barcodes. 
  • Mobile Screen Reading: If you want your members to use a barcode from the screen of their phones, you must use a reader that has this feature.


baseline_info_black_18dp.png We recommend the following readers: 


  • Honeywell Genesis 7580g (Mobile Screen Reading Feature)
  • Honeywell MS3780
  • Honeywell MS7580 (Mobile Screen Reading Feature)
  • Voyager 1250g
  • Voyager 1450g (Mobile Screen Reading Feature)
  • Scantech Sirius S-7030 (Mobile Screen Reading Feature)
  • Zebra Symbol DS4308 (Mobile Screen Reading Feature)
  • Xenon 1900
  • Honeywell 3800G
  • Zebra DS9208
  • Voyage 1400g
  • Orbit MS7120


Choosing the Right Barcode Format/Standard

Virtually there are no limitations in terms of the barcodes that you want to use as long as they are readable by the Scanner you choose.

There are 3 common Formats/Standards:

1D Barcodes 


2D Barcodes



PDF Barcodes


baseline_report_problem_black_18dp.png For Security reasons, government-issued Barcodes are not compatible with our system.

Next Steps

See Barcode Scanner Installation Guide.

See instructions on how to install Serial based readers that are not Barcode Scanners

Quick Tips

You can order the Honeywell 7580G from POSDATA.EU. Click Here to find out more 

baseline_help_black_18dp.png It is up to you to choose how to want to get these barcodes issued, you can have them issued in the form of cards, keyfobs or stickers.  




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