Online Payments | What options do I have for Online Payments?

In Virtuagym, we have multiple options to charge your clients through our system.
At this stage, we have five payment options to choose from.

The first payment option is Paysafe and is available in Europe, the US and Canada. All you need is a Paysafe merchant account. To understand how to connect Paysafe with your Virtuagym portal, read this article. To learn more about the fees for Paysafe, check this article

The second payment option is PayPal and is available worldwide. All you need is a PayPal merchant account.
To understand how to connect PayPal with your Virtuagym portal, read this article.
To learn more about the Merchant Fees for PayPal, check this site.

The third payment method is Mollie and is available in all countries that are using Euro, though the focus of this company is mostly on The Netherlands.
To learn how to create a Mollie account and accept payments through this provider, check out this article.
To learn more about the Merchant Fees for Mollie, check this site.

The fourth option is SEPA, a direct debit option, and is available for all countries that use Euro. For more information on how to use SEPA, check out this video. Since this is a direct debit option, I will not talk about this any more in this article.


The last payment option we offer is GoCardless which enable you to Direct Debit in the United Kingdom. For further information on how to use GoCardless, you can check out this article 

Doing Online Payments

To accept Online Payments, make sure the preferred payment provider is enabled under Business Settings > Payments. Next to that, you will need to indicate which payment methods will be used for which payment providers. For example, you can choose to let PayPal payments go directly through PayPal, and have Ideal and Creditcard payments go through Mollie. 


Once you've set up the Online Payments, you can send your clients links to make sure they can do the payment through your preferred payment method.

You can go to your financial app, find any invoice and under options at the top right of your screen, click on "email including pay-link". This will send the invoice as a PDF to the client, with the link to all available payment methods to immediately pay the outstanding amount through the preferred payment method. If you'd like to set up your own email, you can get the payment URL in the invoice under "Pay". 

When the payment of the client goes through, this is automatically updated in Virtuagym. You can see all Online Payment invoices by using the filters in your Financial app under "invoices".

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