Schedule settings

To see your schedule settings, go to your business settings > schedule settings > choose a schedule > click on 'advanced settings'

Send clients a confirmation email after bookings or cancellations
If you want to notify your clients when a session has been booked or cancelled, you can choose to send them an email. 

Send mail to participants regarding event changes
Tick the box if you want this enabled. 

Allow recurring bookings
For more information about recurring bookings, please have a look at this article. 

Show images of instructors instead of images of events
Under event information you can choose to show an image of the event or the trainer.

Hide instructor names in schedule
If you wish, you can hide your instructor names in the schedule. To do so, please tick the box.

Hide schedule for members
You can hide the schedule for your members, but it will not be hidden for your employees.  

Merge same events
If you offer 2 PT sessions at the same time, you can merge these events. The staff view will show 2 events, but the clients only will see one event. And if one event is booked, the clients will not see a red box with 'full', but they will see the second PT sessions will open for them. 

Staff view
Clients view

Compact view
You can select the compact view, if you don't want to have 'holes' with empty hours in your schedule. 

Planning email address 
You can choose if you want to receive an email if a client books or cancels an event less then XX hours (or anytime), and you also can receive an email yourself by adding your email in the planning address box. 

Embed background color
Choose a background color for your schedule.

Embed title color
Choose a color for the titles of the events.

Embed code 
If you have a website, your clients can use this code to embed the schedule on your website. Please ask your web designer if he can do this for you. 

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