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Optimize your business strategy and grow your business. With the management dashboard, you have all the information at your fingertips for strategic management. 

How are all the numbers calculated? In this article, we will explain the dashboard as detailed as possible. 


Top left you see two drop-down menus, one with Retention dashboard (later we will add new dashboard here) and 1 with, in this case, Last month (June). The period you select here affects all the variables below.


Clients at start

Active members at the start of the selected period

Clients at end

Active members at the end of the selected period

Subscribed clients

Subscribed clients in the selected period

Unsubscribed clients 

Unsubscribed clients for the selected period



Clients growth
Here you see an overview of the client's growth for the selected period, expressed in numbers. 
The formula for this number is: clients at end of period - clients at the start of period = growth in clients 

Calculation based on the example above:

493-481 = 12

Clients growth %
Here you see an overview of the client's growth for the selected period, expressed in percentages.
The formula for this percentage is (clients growth/clients at the start of period) * 100%.

Calculation based on the example above:

(12/481) * 100% = 2.5%


The retention rate is the expected customer retention for the next 12 months, based on the selected period. In this case, the retention is 44.4%.

The system looks at the current month, June in this case, and how many clients have been unsubscribed, in this case, 22. If you will lose every month 22 clients, from June 2014 until June 2015, you will retain about 44.4% of your clients with which you started. 




Customer Lifetime

The expected customer lifetime forecast based on the selected period. 

Imagine you have 100 customers at the beginning, and 10 clients have been unsubscribed this month. After 10 months, you have lost all your clients. The custom lifetime is 5 months, but why? Because there are clients who are the only member for 1 day and clients who are a member for 2 years. Because of this, we take the average. In the example graphic below you can see that you've lost all your clients after 10 months, and the average customer lifetime is 10 months/2: 5 months. 



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