Mobile Apps | Where can I see the marcos and calories that I have eaten?

You need to make sure you have the food app downloaded. You can do this in the App Store or the Play store. You can also download it from your portal, by going to the more apps icon on your menu bar.

The food app is connected to the fitness app, so when you click on Log Food in the fitness app it will take you to the food app.

Once you have added the food you have eaten into the app, you will see the display in the image below.

You can see an overview of the percentage of carbs, proteins and fats you have eaten. You can also see what your goal is in calories and the remaining calories you have left that day. If you click on each macronutrient percentage, it will show you your goal in grams for that particular macronutrient and how much you have eaten today in grams and percentage. It also shows you the total amount of that macronutrient there is within each food product you have added. 

The Food app also syncs with the Virtuagym fitness app, when you check your workouts as done, it will sync with the Food app.




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