Adding Your First Client

What's a gym without members? A personal trainer without clients? 

To make sure you have clients to coach and manage in your portal, you will need to add your members into the system. 

To do this, you go to your clients and staff app. There, you click on "add new client". As you can see, there is a lot of information to fill out about the client. The three mandatory options are first name, last name and email address. These three are needed to create a personal user account.
The rest of the data should be easy to add, but at the bottom of the first header, you'll find two options that I want to explain to you.

Invoice text: There is a default invoice text that's displayed on each invoice. You can edit this, or create a new (personal) invoice text. This template can be used for all your clients.

Business: If your client is sponsored by a company and the invoices will need to be made out to the business, you can enter business information in the client's profile. Once you've done this, you can decide to invoice the business instead of the client.

Next to personal and address data, you have the ability to add payment details. Please note that IBAN & BIC code are European terms. If you are not situated in Europe, you can use it as the Account Number and BSB code. 

After adding the client into the system, you are redirected to their client data. 

Here, you will have the ability to activate them into the system.


Either you can send out an invitation to your client to register for the portal (read about how to personalize the email here) or you can activate them manually. This means you will create a password for them.
Reasons to do manually activate a client include:

  • you are activating the client's profile together with the client
  • you want to set up the client's profile before they have access to it
  • the client doesn't want to use their profile but you activate them to create a workout plan for them

After the client has been activated (registered themselves or activated manually by you) it will receive a personal profile

You are now also able to add tags to your clients, as well as notes.

The next tab, Coaching, is where you can assign yourself as a coach to the client. Once you've done this, you will be able to see coaching statistics like their workout plan, nutrition plan and challenges. 

Next to that, you see all the bookings the client has made in the schedule, as well as their last check-ins to your club.

The tab Products is only relevant if you are using the Membership & Billing package. Under that tab, you'll be able to assign a membership, check out the client's contract and see an overview of their credits and products.

Under the tab Invoices you will find an overview of all invoices for that specific client. You can open the invoices here, email or print them or adjust them accordingly. An overview of all your invoices, you can find in the financial app.

In the last tab, Files, you are able to upload files regarding your clients for storage. For example you can store their contract or intake form. 

Next to that, you have a few options in the left column underneath the client's profile picture.


Go to this profile: Visit the client's personal profile
Send message: Send your client a personal message. They will receive an email about this
New task: Create a task regarding this client
Edit details: Edit the client's details
Unsubscribe: delete the client out of your client list
Connect card: Connect a check-in card to the client

Those are all the options in a client's profile!

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