Platform | What can I do with my personal profile?

Every user of the Virtuagym portal has their own personal profile. In this profile, you can view your progress and get in contact with other users. 

Adding a profile picture
The first thing to do if you want to set up your personal profile, is add a profile picture. You do this by going to your account settings > profile picture and upload a file from your computer. The photo will then be placed on your personal profile and is available for all users.

Adding progress pictures
Next to a profile picture, you are also able to add pictures to track your progress. Since we understand you might not want to share those pictures with everyone, make sure your privacy settings are set accordingly.

Reaching achievements
To help motivate you to reach your goals, we have set up a few achievements for you to earn. Try logging all of your activities and you will see that you receive trophies for your accomplishments. The higher your participation, the more achievements you'll receive!

Join groups
To help you and your fellow fitness enthusiasts actively engage with each other you can create and join groups about health and fitness topics that are of interest to you. 

Write a blog
Let your friends know how you're progressing by writing a blog about your lifestyle. You can also visit your friends' pages to read their blogs, like and add comments. 

Join a challenge
To make your goals a little more visual, you can join a challenge. Want to lose 5 kilos? Join the challenge and see your progress on your profile with the blue progress bar. Or join a combined effort-challenge, where you work together to reach a goal!


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