Workouts | How can I create a superset?

When you're creating a training plan for your client, there's a good chance you want to include a superset or circuit in this plan. 

We are currently working hard to realize a new plan editor in which you can easily create supersets and circuits. To help you create them in the meantime, you can do the following:

When creating a superset or circuit, you can create a custom activity called "start superset/circuit" and "end superset/circuit". This way, you can still show your clients what the beginning and end is without creating an actual superset. 

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    Hugh Hunger

    This is a quick fix, but I am happy to hear you are working on a better way to do this.

    I can't wait for that day. I use Circuits, supersets, compound sets, and trisets in my plans all the time.

    Best regards

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    Hey have they fixed this yet does anyone know??

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    Floor Ploeg

    Hi Narayan, thanks for your comment! Our new plan editor is still in development, but it's in its final stages. We expect it to be released very soon and the creation of supersets is only one of the many new awesome features in that editor! :-)

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    Venus Ramos

    Any chance this new plan editor with the ability to create supersets will be coming in the next 1 to 2 months? Would so simplify the process of setting up clients program in the New Year! Hard to believe the ability to easily create supersets is not yet in your "highly rated" application. I've seen it as a standard in so many other companies' apps.

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    I heard this was again delayed - is there any timeframe on the release of this feature?

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    Brian Glotfelty

    I am also interested to hear if there is an update on this feature.