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To make sure that you can keep using Virtuagym without any problems, we have to do some maintenance once in a while. This maintenance is required to keep up with the rapidly growing amount of people using our system, and to keep our servers secure and up-to-date. We try to do this at a time when it will cause the least discomfort for you.

We've decided to reserve a monthly time slot to perform maintenance. Please note that this doesn't mean that we will perform maintenance every month! If we'll actually use the slot, you'll receive an announcement via email.


The usual slot reserved for maintenance is:

Each first Sunday of the month from 7am to 8am CET.

Day and time for different timezones:

New Zealand (GMT+12): Sunday between 6:00/7:00pm.

East Australia (GMT+10): Sunday between 4:00/5:00pm.

West Europe (GMT+1): Sunday between 7:00 / 8:00am.

United Kingdom (GMT): Sunday between 6:00/7:00 am.

Eastern TimeZone (GMT-5): Sunday between 1:00/2:00am.

Central TimeZone (GMT-6): Sunday between 12:00/1:00am

Pacific TimeZone (GMT-8): Saturday between 10:00/11:00pm.

Please note that these times are based on normal/regular time. If your country has Daylight Savings time, please make sure the Netherlands is on DST as well.



What happens when Virtuagym performs maintenance?
This could be many things! Our scheduled maintenance slots are most commonly used to prepare our servers for new features. These changes can only be made when our platform is down, and are therefore only done in the hours mentioned in our Maintenance Slots article.

What if I need to use the system during that time?
Since our system is not available when we are performing maintenance, we advise you to print out any necessary information before the scheduled maintenance time. Think about:

- Printing your schedule, including the participants for each event
- Printing workouts for any scheduled PT clients
- Printing nutrition diaries or meal plans for nutrition clients

Next to that, please remember that your Visitor Registration, Financial overview and Point of Sale system will not be available during these hours. This means any purchases or check-ins cannot be registered online and will have to be done on paper. Once the system is back online, you can add any missing information to make sure your administration is up to speed.

We try our hardest to limit the maintenance to times on which the system is used the least, but it can happen that maintenance takes longer than expected. Therefore we ask you, if you need to use the system on the day of scheduled maintenance, to take the above suggestions seriously.

Is my data secure during those maintenance slots?
Virtuagym takes data security very seriously. We always take the utmost care of any client data. So you'll never have to worry about losing anything, even during maintenance.


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