Invoices | How Do I Send Invoices To A Company?

When you are coaching a client, it might be possible that you will need to invoice their employers or the insurance company for your services. That is the reason we made it possible for you to invoice businesses.

The first step you will need to take, is add a business to the client's profile.
In order to do this; 

  • Go to Clients and staff 
  • Client overview 
  • Select the clients profile 
  • Select edit details 

You can edit the details and choose yes at "business?". You can add all details here. 

If you want to use SEPA (European billing system) for the company, add bank details as well.

After saving the business information, you will be able to add contracts invoiced to the company. If you want a seperate invoice to be addressed to the company, you can go into the invoice and change the "bill to" option. Please note that you are only able to change the "bill to" option after creating the invoice.

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