Workouts | How do I create a custom workout plan?

In the Virtuagym system, there are quite a few standard workout plans to find, created by experts from the fitness world. When you want to create a training plan for your clients, you are welcome to use such a plan as a template.

Of course, it's very possible you want to create your own workout plan from scratch. This you can do in the workout editor.

When you create a new workout plan, you can choose between a personal plan (for a specific client, invisible for others) and a club plan (visible and usable for all your clients). 

When you want to create a personal plan, go to your side-bar menu and select Coach > My Clients. Then select the clients profile and hit "Workouts" in the coaching module. 

Choose "new workout plan" and go to the workout editor. If you want to create a club plan, go directly to the Workout module and click on workout editor there. 


Now fill out all the necessary information for the workout.

What to fill out:

  • Language: Choose your preferred language 
  • Workout plan name: visible for clients & a reference to find the plan
  • Description: only visible when opening the workout editor
  • Main goal for plan: what can you achieve with this plan?
  • Difficulty level: for whom is this plan suitable?
  • Days per week :How many days do you want your clients to use this plan
  • Repeat: How many times must the plan be repeated?
  • Tags: improve search-ability of the plan
  • Workout picture: When your clients search for the plan, what image do you want so show?

When you've added the options above, you can start creating training days in the left column. Choose the amount of days you want to create. If you want to add a resting day, you can add a completely empty day, or create a custom activity named "rest day". You can also move or copy the days, or change their names.


In the first column, you will see the option to choose which day you are adding these exercises to:

When you select 'Add' in the exercises column, you should be able to find all the exercises you're looking for by using the filter at the top. If not, you can always add your own activity.


When you click on an exercise, it will appear in the middle column. You can add some extra details in the right column, like amount of sets, intensity, rest periods and a note.

When you've added all the activities you need, you can save the plan. You can choose between multiple options, "only me" is for personal plans, "everyone in my club" is for clubs plans. Read more about this in this article.

After saving the plan, you can print the whole thing if you like. You can choose between a compact, extensive or big letter version. Please note that it will be printed anonymously, client details can be added manually.

If it was a club plan, all your clients will now be able to find the plan in their own Workout module, under the filter "club plans." They can view this plan and add it to their activity calendar. If it was a personal plan, that means you can hit "add to calendar" when you've selected it in the Workout module. Pick a start date, duration in weeks and add the plan. 

Please note: You will need to be connected to your client when adding the plan to their calendar. You can check this by viewing the black bar at the top of your screen with your client's information in it.

Now that you've added the plan to the client's activity calendar, they will be able to view the plan, play the exercises and check them as done when they've fulfilled them. You as a trainer can check the activity calendar to see if they are tracking their progress.

If you want to use a personal plan as a template for a different client, you can find the plan in the Workout module, edit it and save it as a new plan.



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