How do I process my SEPA results?

Once you've uploaded the SEPA file to your bank, you will need to wait for the results to come back from you bank.

Once those results are in, you should process these results in Virtuagym. To do this, go to the financial app, go to created downloads and click on "process sepa result".
If your status is still set to "view SEPA file" you will need to complete the earlier steps first, until the status will be changed to "sent to bank" and you are able to process the results.

All invoices are automatically set to paid, but if a payment did not go through, you can choose the specific reason here. When you walk through all steps, the payments you've addressed as paid, will turn the invoices to the status paid. Payments that did were marked as failed, will be set back to outstanding invoices, so you can select them for the next SEPA download. 

By walking through these steps, something might also change with the SEPA type for that account. To learn more about that, read here.

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