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You can customize your professional Virtuagym portal in many ways. In this article you can read what you can customize but also what you can't customize in your professional Virtuagym portal.

Online community
In the online community, there are many facets that you can customize. Read in this detailed article about the possibilities in the online community. 

System Settings
In the Business Info, top left in the System Settings, you can fill in the Business Info. Your customers will find the Business Info in the mobile app, and in the contact form in the online community. 

Portal design
In the portal design, in the System Setting, you can design your company color, background login screen and your menu and print logo. Read here how it's done. You also can customize the advanced settings in the portal design. Read here what the possibilities are.

Email templates
It is also possible to customize the invitation email for your clients. You can customize it by adding your own text to it. Read more about it here

Promotional banners
If you have an opening discount, summer discount or other discount, you can promote your discounts through a promotional banner. A promotional banner is seen in the online community and in your mobile app. Learn how to create a promotional banner here

Custom mobile app
Are you curious about a custom app of VirtuaGym? Please contact us via


What's not possible to customize?

The footer at the bottom of the webpage. 

You cannot customize to your own url This is because Virtuagym cannot guarantee full security.   

Facebook / Twitter
You can connect Twitter and Facebook Account with Virtuagym. You can share your workout with your friends. This post is partly customized. See what these posts look like. 


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