Schedule | How do I create a schedule event?

Make sure that you are on the schedule that you wish to make an event for, by looking in the right corner of your screen. 

To create a new schedule event, click options at the bottom right hand corner of the screen. A menu will expand, choose 'new event'.

The following screen appears:

Activity: Here you can fill in the activity, for example: Personal training

Instructor: You can assign a coach to a lesson

Max number of participants: Always specify a maximum number of participants

Enable online booking: Whether it possible for your customers to book online or not?

Date and Time: Specify the date and time

Location: If you have multiple rooms you can specify a room here

Recurring : Does the event happen more than one time? Please indicate how often and which days it occurs on

Bookable in advance: Specify if clients can book this event in advance and how far in advance they can do it

Is cancellable till: The period during which they can still cancel for free

Event costs: If clients need to use credits to book the event, you can specify the quantity and type of credit that the event costs. 

Note for employees: Write a note for your employees

Description of the event: Write down a description. Note: this will appear on all your events with this activity.

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