Schedule | How do I create a schedule event?


First make sure that you are on the schedule where you would like to create an event by checking the right corner of your screen while in the Schedule. 

To create a new event on the schedule, hover the mouse over the day you want to create the event and click on the + icon.

The following screen appears:

Activity: Here you can fill in the activity, for example: Personal training

Instructor: You can assign a coach to a lesson

Max number of participants: Always specify a maximum number of participants

Enable online booking: Whether it possible for your customers to book online or not?

Date and Time: Specify the date and time

Location: If you have multiple rooms you can specify a room here

Recurring : Does the event happen more than one time? Please indicate how often and on which day(s) it occurs 

Bookable in advance: Specify if clients can book this event in advance and how far in advance they can do it

Is cancellable till: The period during which they can still cancel for free

Event costs: If clients need to use credits to book the event, you can specify the quantity and type of credit that the event costs. 

Note for employees: Write a note for your employees

Description of the event: Write down a description. Note: this will appear on all your events with this activity.

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