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Once you've started working with Virtuagym, a logical first step is to add your clients into the system so they can join your portal.

It is important to understand that clients cannot sign themselves up for your portal. You will need to be the one to add and invite them. This is because you pay for the amount of clients in your system, and we don't want just anyone to be able to sign up and clog your client database.

To add your clients:

  1. Go to the Clients and staff module in the app overview.
  2. Click on the Add new client button. 
  3. Enter the client's basic information. 

When creating a new client, make sure you fill out their first name, last name and email address, since those options are mandatory to create an account.

After adding the client, you get two options: send an invitation or activate manually.


Send invitation 

If you choose this option, an email will be sent to your client inviting them to register for your portal. Read more about the invitation email here. Your client will follow the registration steps shown on the email. 


Activate manually

When you choose to activate your client manually, this means you will need to create a password for them. You could choose this option when your client is with you at the time or when you want to set up their profile before they have access to it. Read more about that last option here.

Please note that you cannot start coaching a client until they are activated/registered in your system. 


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