Access Control | Connecting a card to a member

baseline_report_problem_black_18dp.png This feature is only available if you are using Hardware for Access Control. Click here to find out more about Hardware Connections

When the check-in client has been installed and is ready to be used, members still need to associate their cards to their accounts. This means that our software has to identify the card of the member for the first time before checking in.

How to Connect a Card

  • Make sure that the Check-in client is up and running and the card reader connected to the computer


  • Go to Clients and Staff > Choose the member > Click on Connect Card (Or on the access you want to give to the client)


baseline_report_problem_black_18dp.png Connecting a card to a member will associate the card to the client for all the other connections, this means that the client will be able to scan the card in all the other readers that are installed in the location. However, the system applies the rules of each connection independently:


Example: Client has Entrance Credits but no Pool Credits. Therefore, they won't be able to access the Pool

How to Disconnect a Card

  • Go to Clients and Staff > Choose the member > Click on Disconnect Card


Connecting cards through a mass import

If you want us to associate the card numbers/tags to your members through an import. You can send us that information depending on the scenario: 

  • You are new to the portal and you haven't sent us the list of members to import: For this case, send us the member list with an extra column that includes the card/tag number for each member
  • You already added your members but you need us to associate the cards in mass: Go to Clients and Staff and make an export from the Export link at the bottom of the list. Then, add an extra column with the card/tag number and then send it to us so that we can update the database.



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