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When a client signs up for your services, they might need to pay a one-time registration fee. Instead of having to create a seperate invoice for that, we include that option in the creation of the membership.

On the first step of creating a membership, you have the option to attach a one-time payment to the membership. When you assign the membership to a client, the first invoice will automatically include that payment. 

Of course it happens that a client switches between a membership, so you wouldn't want to have them pay that registration fee. That is why you have the option to clear this fee when assigning the membership. Just click on "advanced options" and take away the registration fee payment. 

It can also happen that a client gets a discount on their registration fee by for example applying online. For this, you could use a discount in step 2 (read more here). Make sure you apply that discount for only the first month. Since the first month's payment and the one-time payment are included in one invoice, it will be seen as a general discount.

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