What happens when I change credits in a membership?

When you create a membership, you might use credits. To learn more about using credits in a membership, read this article

Once you've saved a membership and have assigned that membership to clients, credits will be handed out to those clients.

It might happen you are not happy about the credits they get, or you want to change something about the credits for whatever other reason.

You can adjust a membership, but please be aware of what you are changing when applying an adjustment to the credits.

When you add new credits:

Adds credits to all NEW and ONGOING contracts. If you turn on renew, new credits will be handed out when next cycle occurs.

When you adjust credits:

  • Change amount of original credits: this will be applied to all NEW contracts, but can affect some ONGOING contracts as well. Please be careful that if you want to change the credits for only NEW CONTRACTS, we recommend to create a new membership and make the existing membership inactive. This way, you make sure Ongoing Contracts are not affected, and only New contracts contain the change. 
  • Turn on renew: will be applied to all ONGOING and NEW contracts from next cycle.
  • Change amount of renewal credits: changes nothing, will apply to next cycle.
  • Turn off renewal: next cycles will be terminated.

When you create unlimited credits:

  • -Create new credits with unlimited amount: will apply right away for all ONGOING and NEW contract
  • Change existing credits to unlimited: remove credits completely, save membership, go back and add unlimited credits.

With this last option, it is very important to remember that you will need to remove those credits completely first, to whipe clean the client's accounts. After that, they will be able to receive unlimited credits. If you do not remove the credits at first, it might happen that a client will have "Unlimited&5 credits".


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