Recurring bookings schedule

If you want your clients to be able to book recurrently in your schedule, first you need to set this function. That's not possible in the schedule, you have to set this function in your business settings. 

If you go to your business settings, you will be able to see 'schedule settings' on the left.


If you click on it, you will be taken to the schedules that you are using:



If you click on the appropriate schedule, you will see the following settings:


Here you can check the "Allow recurring bookings' option. 

If you now go to your schedule, and then click on an event and participants. Then you will see the option to book recurring. Caution! Before selecting a customer, check the box 'book recurring' on.  


It can happen that a member can not be booked recurrently. This may be caused by the following reasons: 

You may get the following message:
- Not enough credits

If you don't work with credits, then maybe your 'bookable in advance' date isn't set properly. It might say 1 week. Therefore you can't book in advance more than 1 week. 

If you click on a schedule activity, click on edit, and change your 'bookable in advance' date to for example one month.



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