How do my clients book and cancel for classes?

When using the online scheduling system, you have two options for booking the classes. You can choose to book all the clients in yourself, or you can let the clients book themselves in.

When choosing the first option, make sure that you do not tick the box "enable online booking" when creating a schedule activity. After creating the activity, you can book in your clients by clicking on "add member" and finding their name in the search field. You can also add guests to an activity, read more about that here.

When you choose the second option and you make booking available for clients, make sure you check the "enable online booking" box. Now, clients will be able to book themselves for classes through the website and mobile app. If you've attached credits to a class, make sure that the appropriate clients have those credits on their account. 

If you want clients to be able to book in a recurring manner, you must enable this in the settings. Read more about that here.

A client can also cancel through the website and mobile app by going back to the calendar and selecting the class. They will need to state a reason for their cancellation. If they are too late with their cancellation and credits were assigned to the class, those credits will not be refunded.


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