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It is possible to connect Virtuagym to your website with an API link. 

An API (application programming interface) is a set of definitions based on a computer which can communicate with another program or component.

In this case, the API is a link between Virtuagym and your website. For now, the only API we have available is for online sign up of clients. This means that when your clients sign up through an online form on your website, an account can automatically be created in Virtuagym for this client. 

The online signup form is something you will need to create and build yourself, for now, all we provide is the API. This API can be found by going into your side-bar > System Settings > Business Info > Advanced > request API key.

You may also need: 

Club ID: The Club ID is the first numbers that you see in the Club Key

The documentation for the API can be found here

If you want that your clients directly receive the invitation email, make sure you check the box 'auto-invite newly added clients'. This you can find it by going into your side-bar > System Settings > Module settings > Clients & Staff:


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    John Jamesapollos

    Your system has no way to refund an invoice when paid "as in a return of service" or "an error in payment" for services. This is ridiculous.

    Stop adding crap to your software, fix the many glitches and inconsistencies, and try to develop basic functionality like a system to refund a payment from within the software.

    Your ridiculous sytem has us going outside of your software and refund directly from Paysafe. This totally screws up any tracking of payments and refunds from within your software. This is total BS.