Challenges | How do I create a club challenge?

To increase the solidarity within your club or to encourage your clients to work out, you can create a club challenge. 

At the top left-hand corner, click your logo, then you will redirect to your online community.

Click on 'Challenges'. The following screen will open:


Please note that if you want to create a club challenge, click 'New Club Challenge'. If you click the 'New Challenge' button, you make a challenge for yourself, or you can make a private challenge for more than 1 client.

When you click on new club challenge, you see all kinds of challenge types that you can choose from. Choose a type, for example; Performace Time/Distance and choose a subtype for example running, cycling, skating, etc.

Here you can specify the duration, goal, if you want to add up the progress of the members and how many winners the challenge has. If your club challenge is that you want to run 1000km with as many members of the club tick the option 'Add up member progress'. 

You can also choose to create a Private Challenge. This means that only people you invite to join, will be able to see and participate in the challenge. Once you've created the challenge, you will be able to send them an email inviting them to join, and if they follow the link in the email they can see the challenge under Challenges.


Once the club challenge is created, you are ready to invite your followers and your members are ready to join the club challenge!

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